Pipe manufacturing factory facilities:


  • Batching plant for produce concrete.
  •  Produce armature steel cage unit.
  • Two lines of vibro press concrete pipe machine (Pedershaab)
  • PE lining production unit
  • Equipment for measuring the mechanical specification of concrete and pipes
  • Gantry crane & lift truck
  • 100000 mm2 area for storage.
  • Guest house



Factory production:

  • pipe

A:  Concrete pipe with PE suitable for open trench nominal diameters 600 mm-800 mm 1000mm-1200mm-1400mm-1600mm

B: Concrete pipe with PE lining suitable for jacking nominal diameters 600mm-800mm-1200mm-1600mm-2200mm

  • Box culvert

Concrete box culvert suitable for bridges and all urban installation nominal size 600×600,800×800, 1000×1000, 1200×1200, 1400×1400mm

  • concrete segment

Suitable for making sinking shaft diameter 6.50m

Loshan Pipe MFC co, have two independent line to manufacturing concrete pipe and culvert an sizes 600 to 2200mm.Loshan machinery purchased from PEDERSHAB co of Denmark, which have highest technology.After moulding of concrete, produced pipe pass from one steam tunnel in dimesion of 60 meter, then spray with water by speciall methods , and prepare to carrying .The produced concrete control in - laboratory - of the factory baching plant , to obtaining highest quality . Loshan MFC co designed a machine to twisting armator and making steel cages ( base ) .By this way, the pipes manufacturing perfectly to ASTM  standards in diffrent classes .Mean while to prevention of abrasion,pipes are lined with p.v.c.

Factory Gallery